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Saylor Beall SBTOL-3-60 Oil less Air Compressor, Single Phase, 2-Stage, 3hp. 60 Gallon Magnetic Starter & On & Off Pressure Switch, Free Shipping,
Saylor Beall SBTOL-3-60, 3hp, 60 Gallon Tank, Oil Less Air Compressors, Single Phase / 2 Stage Pump, Includes Magnetic Starter, On Off Pressure Switch, FREE SHIPPING
SALE PRICED Before Volume Rebates are used. ( If Offered.) Priced Now : $3,556.00
unlimited in stock at this time.

Detailed Description

Paxon Tool Company
 Saylor-Beall Oil Less / Air Compressors

Built by Saylor Beall / St. Johns, Michigan USA

3hp, 60 Gallon ASME Tank USA
Compressor Part Number SBTOL-3-60 / Single Phase
Pump Part Number SPTOL-55 / 2 - Stage

Magnetic Starter, On & Off Pressure Switch

Oil Less
>Long Lasting design to reduce Maintenance

470 RPM, 9.2 ACFM, 415 Lbs

>Composite Resin Piston with Teflon resin compression rings

>Two-way Fan Cooling System eliminates excessive heat

>Large Capacity Air Filter

Saylor-Beall models set with lower RPM
Food and Beverage
Other Oil Less Applications

Why Oil Less?
Many compressed air applications need clean air.
While filters normally are sufficient for removing contaminates
from the air compressed by a libricated pump, they do not remove 100% of the oil.
Applications that require 100% oil less air, Oil Less air compressors offer the best solution.
Magnetic Starter, On & Off Pressure Switch