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bp Blue Pneumatic
Bp Blue Pneumatic, Bp Blue, BP-82E Blue Pneumatic Lock Bolt All-In-One,Volume Rebates & Free Shipping.
Free Shipping & Volume Rebates
MFG. List Price.: $1,699.00
SALE PRICED Before Volume Rebates are used. ( If Offered.) Priced Now : $1,299.00
You Save : $400.00 (24 %)
unlimited in stock at this time.

Detailed Description

Paxon Tool Company

Blue Pneumatic Bp-82E
Free Shipping

One Nose  Assembly Included Free

 Please choose one and indicate your choice  on the order.
>T-11790                   Blind Rivet Nose Assy
>TE-18290 MA       1/4" C6L Nose Assembly 
TE-18190MA        3/16" C6L (and C98LT polished stainless) Nose Assy
3/16" Magnagrip Nose Assemply

>TE-18290              1/4" C6L Nose Assembly 

>The bp-82E Lockbolt All-In-One installs Huck and Avdel Lockbolts.
>This tool uses 5500 lbs. of pulling force to install Magnagrip and Maxlok pin and collar fasteners. >The BP-82E sets 3/16 and 1/4 lockbolts, which includes Huck C6L and Magnagrip and Avdel Cherry Texron Avdelok and Maxlok.
>This Huck tool converts to pull 3/16 and 1/4 blind rivets.
>The generous 7/8 stroke sets up to 1/4 structural rivets, many in just one stroke.
>This Huckbolt tool is ideal for many truck and trailer repair applications.
>It is also designed to install the C98LT stainless steel polished Huck bolts used on the Peterbilt Truck Cab grills.
>This style of tool is often referred to as a Huck tool.
>Also included are wrenches for service and oil applicator.
>Recommended operating air pressure is 85-110 psi.
Weight 6.5 lbs.

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August 14, 2019

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