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Why I want a Saylor Beall Air Compressor

Saylor-Beall Features and Benefits

  Did you know that Saylor-Beall air compressors are all machined, assembled, and tested in St. Johns, Michigan? Unlike some of our competitors who manufacture their compressors outside of the United States, you can assure your customers that their compressor has been built in America by American workers.
President's Corner - USA Cast Iron Quality


There is a difference with high quality castings...  

A well built casting has less porosity. It has less core shift. The hardness is more consistent. Well made castings lead to better quality, longer lasting air compressors. That's part of what you get with Made in the USA.

Tech Tips
An air compressor should never start more than seven times per hour.

  If there are too many starts, try increasing the pressure range from a 145 to 175 psi range, to starting at 125 psi and stopping at 175 psi. The unit will run longer, produce the same amount of air, but reduce the stress on your electric motor
  New Features
In one of its most recent innovations, Saylor-Beall has worked to reduce the problem of oil and water that contaminates the compressed air system and air lines. The company, along with a specialty supplier, has designed a piston ring specifically for air compressor applications. McFee explains that most piston rings are designed for engines, in which combustion forces the piston down. Those types of rings allow oil to build in the compressor’s lines. The new Saylor-Beall piston ring is designed specifically for an air compressor, with a special angle that forces the oil back down and away from the air lines. 

“We have gotten very good test results,” McFee says. “To prove quantitatively how we are doing, we have oil consumption down to two to three parts per million, based on the mass of air to oil. That’s very low.” Decreasing oil in the lines is a benefit to the customer because it makes the system easier to maintain and the filters last longer, McFee adds.

Saylor Beall 2-Stage / 2- Cylinder & 4- Cylinder Heavy Duty Pumps
Machined and Assembled in the Saylor Beall Plant
Made in the USA

A Pump Above the Rest

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