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Paxon Tool Company
Patco Industrial Air Tools
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USA ( St. Johns Michigan.
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PATCO Industrial Air Tools, Angle Grinders,
Needle Scalers, Chisels Scalers, Die Grinders,

Patco Industrial Air Tools USA
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Manufacturer of Industrial Air Tools
   PATCO Air Tools is a proud American manufacturer of high-quality,
industrial air tools and components. For the past forty years our pneumatic
tools have earned an industry wide reputation for rugged, dependable performance.
Our power tool line includes pneumatic die grinders, angle grinders,
extended grinders, routers, air marking pens, scalers and needle scalers.
PATCO's powerful 1 h.p. air motor is the foundation on which we have built
PATCO's line of industrial grinders.

Patco Air Tools is excited to announce the release of our new tool line ~ GLOBAL LINK TOOLS!

Global Link Tools are a cost effective option to fit the various budget demands of today's economy without sacrificing quality. Our new line of tools meet all of the strict manufacturing requirements of PATCO AIR TOOLS as well as the quality, value, performance and dependability that our customers expect, demand, and trust from all of our fine products.


Industrial applications include
Foundries,  Welding Shops, Fabrication Plants,

Steel Mills and Shipyards.

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 10% Rebate  on 4 or more Tools
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Category>>PATCO, Right Angle Wheel Grinders
   4", 4 1/2" & 5"

GA-1340 / GA-1340A / GA-1350 / GA-1350A

GA-11625 / GA-11625A / GA-11650 / GA-11650A

Category>>PATCO, Extended Right Angle Wheel Grinders

GAL-1350 / GAL-1350A-1 / GAL-1350-1

Category>>Patco  7" & 9" Vertical Grinders / Globel Link

Three tools to pick from

Patco Tune Up Kit For Patco GA-1340 & GA1350  
  4" Grinders

Category>>PATCO & Global Link Extended Die Grinders

DE 2750 / DE 2550 / DE2350 / GE 1340-C / GE 1350- C

Category>>(3)Patco Extended Angle Grinders

Category>> Patco Right Angle Collet Grinders

GA-1350-C / GA-1340-C 
Steel & Aluminum Housing 

Category Patco Die Grinders

G-1350 / G-1350-18 / G-1340A / G-1340
Steel & Aluminum Housing
GE-1340C / GE-1350C

Category PATCO Extended Wheel Grinders,

GE1340A-20 / GE1340-W / GE1350-W / GE1340A-W /
GE1350W-4 / GE1350-20 / GE1350S-20
3"& 4" Wheel Grinders & Cut off Tool, Steel & Aluminum Housing

  PATCO Cut off Wheel Tools,

G-1350-1  3" to 4" Wheel / Steel Housing

Category PATCO, Chisel Scalers & Needle Scalers

P-182-LN / P-182-L Steel Housing

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August 14, 2019

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