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Hout Tool Organizers
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Viking/Norseman Silver & Deming
1/2" Shank Silver & Deming Drill Bit Storage Cabinets
Holds 2 Each Reduced Shank S&D Bits
#13166 33/64" to 63/64ths by 64ths
#13167 = 1" to 1-1/2"
Made in the USA

Special on Viking Drill Bits & Sets 

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(any mix all Viking Tools) and Free Shipping.

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Huot / Viking Norseman #13166 Silver & Deming Bit Organizer. 33/64" to 63/64" 1/2" Shank Bits, USA
SALE PRICED Before Volume Rebates are used. ( If Offered.) Priced Now : $129.00
Huot / Viking Norseman #13166  Silver & Deming Bit Organizer. 33/64" to 63/64"  1/2" Shank Bits, USA
Free Shipping
free shipping

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August 14, 2019

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>Open to >Makita Tools
Diamond Blades 4" & 4 1/2"
Only $12.00 ea. in Small Quanity.

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>1/2" Shank Silver & Deming Drill Bits, 135 deg. Split Point.
Free Shipping & Volume Rebates

Savings from 20 to 30%


> Hout Bit Organizers, 1/2" Shank Silver Deming
Only $129.00 & Free Shipping


Quanity Savings & Free Shipping
On Sale Now
Only $12.00 ea.

Industrial Wire Brushes
3" & 4" / m10x1.25, m10x1.50,
1/2-3/8 & 5/8 -11

Crimped & Knot & 1/4" Stem
Free Shipping


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